Erdogan in UNESCO: “Turkey is ready to do anything to protect itself”


As reported by the newspaper Daily Sabah, while speaking at a meeting of UNESCO in Istanbul, Turkish president Erdogan made ​​a statement that Turkey reserves the right to carry out all kinds of operations abroad against terrorist threats.

The statement comes amid Russian Foreign Ministry demands the UN to ban Turkey from any operations on the territory of Syria.

In recent days Russian-Turkish conflict is permanently growing, risking to go into the open “hot” phase.

Recently, Russian Air Force cleared a “corridor” to rebel Kurdish groups in Syria along the Turkish border.

Turkey perceives the Kurds near its border as a direct threat, and, in general, that is true, because these groups belong to the sharply anti-Turkish “Kurdistan Workers Party”, which is known for terrorist attacks on the territory of Turkey.

Although Turkish artillery and aviation firing on positions of Kurds, only ground operation of Turkish army can clear the border area from Kurdish troops. Currently, Turkish government refrains from it, out of fear of military conflict with Russia in case of the open appearance of Turkish troops on the Syrian territory.

However, Erdogan’s statement in the UNESCO indicates that the Turkish government is considering war with Russia as a quite likely scenario.