The Skolkovo to find out why potato yield is better in Israel than in Russia


In Israel, potato yields a harvest of 4 tons per hectare on irrigated desert lands (in Russia it’s twice as less), and milk yield per cow per year up to 9-12 thousand litres.

In addition, Israel’s agricultural sector provides 92% of the food consumed by the population of the country, and Israeli cherry (or “sherry”) tomatoes are sold in every supermarket of Russian capital.

Having these data, the Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center and the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture set up a joint working group to identify specific opportunities for cooperation.

According to the report of the press service of Skolkovo, the agreement was reached during a visit of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Israel Uri Ariel to the Center.

As the Minister said, “Skolkovo is one of the most interesting things that we saw in Russia”.

“A country with a very limited area, almost in the desert, with limited human resources, is quite a large exporter of agricultural products,” – said the Vice President of the Skolkovo Kirill Kayem, and then added, – “Israel is a “forgery” of a sufficiently large number of high-tech start-ups not just in IT, but in biology in general. Some interesting developments that we can find in Russia will be able to get some funding from Israel”.