Journalist: Putin’s attempts to “replace” Ukrainian agenda with Syrian have failed


In a statement of the White House on the results of a telephone conversation between Obama and Vladimir Putin a new political term was used for the first time: “combined Russian-separatist forces”. Thus, for the first time at the US presidential level the existence of such a “combination” was officially recognized.

This recognition shows that Putin’s attempts to “replace” the Ukrainian agenda with Syrian have failed. Both of these agendas exist in parallel – and in each of them, Putin, as we see from his yesterday’s TV speech, is not interested in an escalation of the conflict. At the same time, any normalization of relations between Russia and the West, which is necessary to Putin for the lifting of sanctions and basic survival, is possible only in case of progress in the Syrian and Ukrainian crises. In the Ukrainian case it means the withdrawal of Russian-separatist troops from the occupied territory.

It is noteworthy that Putin himself has not said a word about the fact that they have talked not only about Syria with the US president, but also about Ukrainian settlement. And that is his old tactics: to pretend that the West “forgot” about Ukraine, that it was “traded” for Syria, and that he can do whatever he wants in the Donbas and get away with it, since now he is a respected partner of the West in the settlement in Syria.

But Putin, as usual, is lying again. And was only necessary to wait for a statement from the White House to understand this.

(Vitaly Portnikov)