Sentenced to destroying a laptop and a mouse for posts in social networks


A single mother Yekaterina Vologzheninova, accused of inciting hatred for posts in social networks, was sentenced by the District Court of Yekaterinburg to 320 hours of community service.

In addition, the court has stated that her laptop and a computer mouse need to be destroyed.

During the trial, the investigation stated that the defendant made a total of 127 posts on her page in the social network Vkontakte, which had 4 subscribers and 20 subscriptions. However, the access to the page was not limited, and that was a key argument for the investigation, reports URA.Ru.

According to OVD-info, prosecutors requested the defendant to be sentenced to 1 year of penal labor, with a fine of 10 percent of the salary. Vologzheninova pleaded not guilty.

320 hours of community service is more severe punishment than a year of penal labor that was requested by the state prosecutor, said Vologzheninova’s lawer Roman Kachanov, adding that his client intends to appeal the verdict.

Interfax: Vologzheninova found guilty under Part 1 of Art. 282 of the Criminal Code (incitement of hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity).

  • The criminal case against Vologzheninova, who raises a child alone, was opened on the initiative of the FSB in connection with two pictures, posted by the woman in VKontakte social network in 2014.
  • One of them was a caricature of Russian president Vladimir Putin leaning over a map with a knife in his hand, another one was picturing a woman with a machine gun, calling for the death of “Moscow invaders.” Another post contained the prohibition of “volunteers” to come to Ukraine due to the “overfilled Ukrainian morgues”.
  • The materials of the investigation also featured a poem of Anatoly Marushkevich “Katsapy” (“Katsaps” – RRT), posted by the accused, and an article authored by journalist Vladimir Shreydler about Ukraine.
  • OVD-info says that the caricature of the Russian president was excluded from the case during the trial.