2,062 kids were killed in Russia in 2015


During the final board of the Investigative Committee (IK) on Friday, the Chairman of the Committee Alexander Bastrykin disclosed the number of children killed in the past year. According to his data, in total 12,000 kids suffered from violent crimes in 2015.

484 child murders, 1,645 rapes, and 5,300 sexual assaults were investigated; almost 10,500 criminal cases were sent to the court (which is 25% more than in 2014), said Bastrykin.

“These statistics are terrifying. And it does not change for the better, it only getts worse,” – admitted the head of the IK.

“Our particular concern is the fact that every 6th child becomes an object of a criminal assault by persons close to him. In 2015, almost 12,000 children suffered from violent crimes, and 1,900 of them – from a family member. These crimes are latent by their nature,” – said Bastrykin.

In 2014, 677 criminal cases were started on the facts of killing children. By the results of 2013, the head of the department said about 593 murders; and in 2012 the IK investigated 561 such cases.

Source: zona.media