USA is arming Turkey (video)


The Pentagon has signed a contract with Turkish authorities for the supply of guided air bombs BLU-109 in the amount of $682.9 million.

The US Department of Defense has received an order from Turkey for anti-bunker guided air bombs BLU-109 in the amount of $682.9 million. The exact number of bombs is unknown, as well as the cost per unit, but the contract must be fully implemented before 2020.

“The deal came timely, as we are deeply involved in asymmetric warfare, and need “smart” bombs”, – quotes the military media Defense News the words of its source among Turkish military.

It was noted that this is the first report of Ankara’s purchase of such weapons. It is known that Turkish warplanes bomb fortified positions of the rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party in northern Iraq on a regular basis.

Clashes between the Turkish army and the Kurds hardened recently, and hostilities have intensified. The President of the International Union of Kurdish Public Associations, a member of the National Congress of Kurdistan Merab Shamoyev said a few days earlier that Ankara carries out genocide of the Kurdish people not only in Turkey, but also in the territory of the Syrian Kurdistan.

The contractors for the contract signed by the Pentagon will be steel companies Ellwood National Forge, General Dynamics Ordnance, and Tactical Systems, who produce components of bombs BLU-109, and perform their assembly.

The capabilities of these “bunker busters” can be estimated by viewing the following video. BLU-109 breaks through thick concrete walls, and only then an explosion destroys everything that the wall was protecting.