Russia started preparing for invasion of Caspian countries


The TV channel “Zvezda” (“The Star” – RRT) released a story on the air that somehow went unnoticed. But it is worth noticing.

We are talking about transferring amphibious hovercraft vessels “Murena” to the Caspian Sea, which, as mentioned in the story, “are necessary in this region”.

What is this Murena landing craft?

The ship was designed for capture of coastal areas of the enemy, it can carry 140 marines, one tank or two armored vehicles. Hovercraft ship goes to the beach, and landing troops deploy from it, and come straight to the battle.

The ship’s air defense system covers the landing from air attacks, and its artillery suppresses pressure points on the shore.

The technique is purely offensive, the only purpose of the vessels is capture of coastal territories. Again, as it was mentioned in the story, they are very necessary at the Caspian Sea, so the only question is which country is the central piece of this necessity.

Apart from Russia, 3 countries are located around the the Caspian Sea: Kazakhstan, Iran, and Azerbaijan. It is difficult to say which of the three neighbors will be a target to attack. A war with Iran is hardly a part of Putin’s plans, while Azerbaijan, which is up and down tied to Turkey, could easily become a target. Especially if we remember that Russia has begun delivering weapons worth several hundred million dollars to Armenia.

Also, Nazarbayev have completely “got out of hand” lately.



Image: (under CC BY 4.0)

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