South Korea and USA will hold largest ever joint military exercises


South Korea and the United States will hold the largest ever joint military exercises this week in order to warn North Korea against further provocations. It was reported by Yonhap news agency referring to a South Korean military official.

The exercises Key Resolve and Foal Eagle will begin on Monday, March 7th. They will be attended by more than 300 thousand South Korean military, and the 15,000 US troops.

The goal of the exercise is working out strategies for deprivation DPRK‘s nuclear weapons, and training to the “preemptive strike if North Korea attacks,” says the report.

In the marine phase of the exercise more than 5,000 South Korean marines will participate, as well as 7,000 marines and sailors of the US military.

During the exercises, allies will strengthen monitoring of military activity of DPRK for the presence of pre-emptive strike signs. Seoul demands Pyongyang to stop “provocations”.

Earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered to keep nuclear weapons ready for use at any time. He said North Korea would reconsider its military doctrine to be prepared to launch preemptive strikes in connection with the current situation, which is very dangerous for the country.

On March 2, the UN Security Council approved a new package of unprecedentedly tough sanctions against North Korea.

The new sanctions were a response to the test of a hydrogen bomb by Pyongyang in January 2016, and launch long-range missiles in February.

As a result of the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile performed on February 7, the Kwangmyongsong-4 (“Bright Star 4”) satellite was launched into orbit, designed to monitor the Earth. The world community has embraced this launch as a violation of UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting North Korea from tests and launches of ballistic missiles.

Source: Lenta.Ru


Image: The U.S. Army (under CC BY 2.0)