South Korea refused joint transport project with Russia


South Korean authorities have refused to participate in the transport project of Moscow and Pyongyang “Khasan – Rajin”, says the South Korean agency Yonhap citing sources in the government.

Seoul explained this by the need to comply with new UN sanctions against North Korea, which were imposed after Pyongyang conducted missile tests.

North Korea was transiting cargo from Russia to South Korea. The companies POSCO, Korail, and Hyundai Merchant Marine were cooperating with the joint venture “RasonKonTrans”, created with the participation of JSC “Russian Railways Trading House”.

On Wednesday, March 2, in response to multiple violations, the UN Security Council adopted “the toughest in 20 years” package of sanctions against the DPRK. In January, Pyongyang announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, and later launched a ballistic missile.

The reconstruction of the railway “Khasan – Rajin” was finished in 2013. It was planned that the road will become a part of the Trans-Korean Railway, and the shortest route from the Asia-Pacific region to Europe. Later, in 2013, the consortium of South Korean companies and OJSC “Russian Railways” signed a memorandum of cooperation on the project “Khasan – Rajin”.

Source: NovayaGazeta