Media: Mikhail Lesin died of blunt head trauma


Forensic experts in the United States came to the conclusion that the cause of the death of former Minister of Press of Russia Mikhail Lesin was head injuries, reports RIA Novosti.

“The cause of death – blunt force head injuries,” – said Director of Communications of Washington medical examiner Lashon Beamon’s office.

It is said in the statement of the expert, and the Washington police, that the nature of Lesin’s death was not defined.

Also, it was reported that the police continues active investigation.

The body of former Russian press minister, and the former head of “Gazprom-Media” Mikhail Lesin was found in one of the hotels in the US capital Washington on November 5. On November 13 Lesin was buried in Los Angeles.

In 1999-2004 Lesin headed the Ministry of Press, and in 2013-2015 he was the head of “Gazprom-Media”.

Source: Gazeta.Ru