Lithuania adopted a new military strategy: Russia is the main threat


On Thursday, March 17, the Lithuanian Defense Minister Juozas Olekas approved the country’s new military strategy, which states that the actions of the Russian Federation is currently the largest threat to the security of the country. It was reported by the Ministry of Defence of Lithuania, reports regional site

“The military strategy in 2012 is not consistent with the realities of security, and emerging challenges of the Lithuanian army. Based on the experience of Georgia and Ukraine, the Lithuanian army must be ready to react quickly, both independently and together with its allies, and not only in conventional military threat, but in the non-conventional as well,” – said the Minister.

In the new military strategy it is stated that the Lithuanian security situation has deteriorated, and the actions of Russia, that destroy rules-based system of security in Europe, cause the greatest threat to security. The probability of a “classical” military aggression against Lithuania and other countries in the region is no longer a theoretical matter, and it will grow in the future. Lithuanian army must also be ready to respond to threats of “non-conventional” nature, such as the intervention of irregular armed groups, information and cyber attacks.

The strategy expressed the desire for NATO troops and weapons to be constantly deployed in Lithuania.

According to the source, this is the 4th military strategy for the period of Lithuania’s independence, which replaces the document that was in force since 2012.