Zhirinovsky: Let Europeans be killed and die


A deputy of the Russian State Duma, and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky once again said something that would better not to be said. During a live talk show “Duel with Vladimir Solovyov” that is broadcast daily on one of the Russian TV channels, he warmly endorsed the attacks in Brussels committed on March 22 by Islamic terrorists.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky bluntly said what Russian leadership thinks, but hesitates to say out loud: the attacks on Europe are extremely beneficial for the Russian Federation. They cause hatred among patriotic citizens of European countries towards Islamic extremists, penetrating into their countries as refugees. This hatred is being exploited by far-right parties in the European Union, who are almost openly sponsored by Russia. If the attacks will continue then such politicians, who report directly to Moscow, will have a good chance to win elections in Europe.

“Russia is not Europe,” – Vladimir Zhirinovsky reminded. – “Attacks are happening in Europe. And they will go across it whole. And it is good for us! Let them die and be killed!

It is worth noting that such a crude phrase of Vladimir Zhirinovsky has shocked even the leader of the program – a staunch advocate of the “Russian world” Vladimir Solovyov. He described the words said by the guest of the studio as “terrible”.

This is not the first scandal with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, which is, considering his legal status of a Member of Parliament, and the leader of a parliamentary party, risks to go international.

Source: by24.org