Egyptian plane was hijacked by a refugee from Libya to get to Turkey


An Egyptian aircraft with passengers on board was captured by a Libyan refugee, who hoped to get to Turkey and apply for the status of a displaced person, but only had enough fuel to get to Cyprus.

The hijacker of an aircraft of EgyptAir airlines was identified as Ibrahim Samaha, who was a refugee from Libya. He wanted to get to Turkey, reports, citing Lifenews.

One of the TV channels in Egypt disclosed the information about the hijacker of the aircraft. It appeared to be a refugee from Libya, who decided to steal a plane in order to get to Turkey in such an original manner.

The man expected to get to one of Turkish airports, but the fuel supply would not allow him to get to the shores of the Bosphorus, so the pilots had to land in Cyprus.

After arriving to Turkey, he planned to ask for the status of a migrant, which would allow him to move further to one of the European countries.

It was also reported that he threatened the captain of the aircraft and the passengers that he would explode the suicide belt if his demands are not met.

Later, as a result of negotiations with the hijacker, almost all the passengers were released, except for 5 foreigners and members of the crew.