Saudi newspaper learned about agreement between USA and Russia on Assad’s moving away from Syria


According to the newspaper “Al-Hayat” from the UK, citing a diplomatic source in the UN Security Council, the US Secretary of State John Kerry informed leaders of several Arab countries that mutual understanding with Russia was achieved, and for the future peace settlement in Syria, president Bashar al-Assad will leave his office, and move to another country.

According to the source quoted by the media, the exact time of Assad’s departure has not yet been determined. Mutual understanding between the US and Russia on the Syrian president’s withdrawal from power, and his moving to another country was achieved through diplomatic channels during the discussion of military operations against the Islamic state. As noted by the newspaper, the source stressed that “the time for this step, and its context in the political process is still unclear to anyone”.

Commenting on the publication of “Al-Hayat”, Israeli media pointed out that recently it has been a lot of conflicting reports about the alleged progress of US-Russian agreements on the fate of Assad. Although, Israelis remind that “Al-Hayat”, which is owned by Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sultan, largely reflects the position of Saudi Arabia when it comes to reporting on the conflict in SyriaAccording to them, it is possible that this is an intended leak from one of the Gulf countries, designed to put pressure on the question of Assad‘s fate.

Source: Interfax