Ukraine pushes Russia out of weapons market


Russia leaves Defexpo India 2016 international weapons exhibition empty handed. Not only it failed to sign new contracts, but losing existing ones.

At the same time, two news came from India, indicating that Ukrainian industry began to oust Russia from the international weapons market.

The Indian company Reliance Defence Ltd and Ukrainian Antonov State Company agreed on joint development of multipurpose transport aircraft for the needs of the military, marines, and commercial use in India.

This project will be implemented instead of the previously announced Russian-Indian Multi-role Transport Aircraft (MTA) project, which has been frozen by India.

The place of production of the Ukrainian-Indian transport has already been determined – it will be the first Indian Aerospace Technology Park in Nagpur, Maharashtra, in central India.

Other news concerns the fact that contracts for servicing Soviet equipment, that is currently in use in India, are currently done by Russia, and are not going to be extended by India. Ukrainian experts will be involved in the further maintenance of the equipment.

According to the adviser of the UkrOboronProm State Concern Piotr Fedoruk, Ukraine proposed to India a number of solutions that can give new life to the weapons of the Soviet era, since Ukraine is the original manufacturer of the equipment.



Image: Oleg Belyako (under CC BY-SA 3.0)