USA will not let Russia sell Su-30s to Iran


Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon said he was surprised by Russia’s statement on deliveries of Su-30 to Iran.

“They could have bought them from you, but who will let them?” – that was the meaning of his speech.

At a hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he said that the US will use the veto right in the UN Security Council to prevent the sale of Russian Su-30 to Iran.

Thomas Shannon reminded that the UN Security Council resolution #2231 explicitly states the need to obtain permission of the UN Security Council for each of such transactions. This all is due to the terms of the nuclear agreement between Tehran and other countries.

Thomas Shannon also hinted that Iran would have to choose between the military cooperation with Russia and the resumption of sanctions.

He noted that Obama administration does not exclude the possibility of resumption of the Act on sanctions against Iran. However, this step should be coordinated with the international community.

It should also be noted that this is the first real involvement of the UN Security Council resolution #2231, and so far the questions about such deliveries have been solved by consultations. Apparently, the US demarche, that was made ​​after recent revelations, is intended to show Russia its new place in the international arena.