Putin announced creating of the National Guard in Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of the National Guard in the Russian Federation, based on Internal Troops of Russia.

“The decision was made: we create new federal forces on the basis of Internal Troops. We create the National Guard, which will fight against terrorism, organized crime, and in close contact with the Ministry of Internal Affairs it will continue to perform functions earlier performed by riot police, SWAT units, and so on,” – the president said at a meeting with Interior Minister Viktor Kolokoltsev, the head of the Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov, and commander of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry Viktor Zolotov.

“As we discussed it with the Minister of Internal Affairs, we will put it down not only in a decree, but in a future federal law, so that there is no discord, and that everything works well and harmoniously,” – said Putin.

“I hope very much that National Guard troops will effectively perform its tasks, as it has been until now, and will strengthen its work in the areas that are considered a priority,” – he added.

The President recalled that the issue of improving the work of law enforcement, and, in particular, their power component has already been discussed earlier. “We thought about how we can improve in all areas, including those related to the fight against terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking,” – said Putin.

Source: Interfax


Image: kommersant.ru