Report on Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine shocked members of European Parliament


As reported by Radіo Svoboda (“Radio Freedom” – RRT), a report on war crimes of the Russian Federation in the east of Ukraine, and 28 hostages of Kremlin was presented in the European Parliament on April 5.

The report was prepared by human rights activists, representatives of the Ukrainian Mission to the European Union and the European Parliament, gathering information from primary sources and talking with witnesses.

According to the MEP Marc Demesmaker, the report is shocking.

“The woman who testified here this evening, would not have been here if she wasn’t photographed by two British journalist. Thus, they saved her life,” – he said.

The MEP considers the report a sufficient basis to initiate an investigation by the International Criminal Court.

The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine began in April 2014. The fighting is going on between the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and pro-Russian rebels. In March this year the OSCE reported that the number of victims of war in the Donbas region has reached 10,000.

Ukraine, the United States, and some other countries accuse the Russian Federation of interfering in the conflict: the use of regular troops in the fighting on the side of the rebels, weapons supplies, and financial support. The Russian government rejects the allegations, and claims that Russia is not a party to the conflict.

As per February’s data of Ukraine‘s Chief of Staff Victor Muzhenko, there are about 7,000 of Russian military personnel on the territory of temporarily occupied part of Donbas, including those who are included into 2 “corps”, formed by militants.

The Ukrainian side has repeatedly stated about detentions and deaths of Russian soldiers in the ATO zone. The most famous case is the one with 2 Russian soldiers: Sergeant Alexander Alexandrov, and his commander Captain Evgeny Erofeev, who were arrested near the town of Schastye of the Lugansk region in May last year. They are currently under trial.