China will transfer its “dirty” production to Russia


China may partially transfer its production to the territory of the Russian Far East. In particular, chemical, textile and metallurgical production could be subject to transfer. This was announced on Wednesday, April 6, on the website of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East.

The report tells “about a possible transfer of Chinese enterprises to the Far East, taking into account environmental requirements established in Russia”.

Thus, China has initiated the export of production facilities in 12 economic sectors: construction industry, metallurgy, power engineering, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, chemical industry, textile industry, cement industry, telecommunications, and agriculture.

In the Ministry of Far East Development it was noted that Russia is ready “to cooperate”. The director of one of the Minitstry’s department Rustam Makarov said that the new businesses receive significant tax benefits and administrative preferences.

“We are ready to accept Chinese enterprises to establish joint export-oriented production on the territory of the Far East,” – Makarov said.