Saudi Arabia purchased South Korean guided bombs


South Korea continues to rapidly increase the volume and the variety of its defense exports, starting to sell high-precision weapons and missiles of its own production.

In particular, it was reported that a multirole fighter Boeing F-15S “Eagle” of the Air Force of Saudi Arabia performed the first successful practical drop of a guided 500-pound aerial bomb KGGB, purchased from South Korea. Saudi Arabia became the first known foreign purchaser of KGGB.

Guided aerial bomb KGGB (Korean GPS-Guided Bomb) was developed in 2007 under the auspices of the South Korean government’s Agency for Defense Development (ADD). The prime contractor for the development and serial production of bombs is LIG Nex1 company (which is a part of the LG Group). Tests of KGGB bombs were successfully completed by the end of 2012, and in 2013 LIG Nex1 started serial production of these bombs for the Air Force of South Korea. R&D costs amounted to more than 40 billion won (about $40 million).

KGGB is a 500-pounds caliber aerial bomb, equipped with a planning and correction module with folding wings, and satellite guidance system (GPS) unit. Discharge height of the bomb is from 3 to 12 kilometers, and the high-altitude flight range reaches 100-120 km. Claimed CEP is 5 meters at small distances, and 13 meters at maximum. During tests, practical range varied from 47 to 103 kilimeters, and the CEP – from 0.4 to 8 meters. KGGB has a special mode to engage targets located on the back slopes of the hills. According to the South Korean sources, KGGB exceeds the accuracy of the US JDAM bombs, which have CEP about 25 meters at long ranges (according to South Korean data). It also costs less – serial supplies of KGGB to the Air Force of South Korea cost 100 million won (about $85 thousand) per one bomb.

During the tests in South Korea, the integration of KGGB into the weapons systems of all five main types of South Korean Air Force combat aircraft was tested: Boeing F-15K, Lockheed Martin KF-16C/D, McDonnel Douglas F-4E, Northrop F-5E/F, and KAI FA-50.