Stratfor: Putin needs National Guard to support him in the event of coup


Analysts of the American company Stratfor say that the military unit of the National Guard, created by the Russian president, is designed to provide support in case of possible attempts of regime change.

This is explained in the article published by Statfor.

“Thus, the unexpected decision to establish the National Guard indicates that the Kremlin is preparing for the instability in the future,” – said in the article.

During the political crisis in the 1990s, the president did not fully trust military units, and therefore considered the idea of ​​a new paramilitary force.

Also, the new division will share powers with the FSB and the Internal Troops. At the same time, the authors admit that the National Guard will be called upon to defend the existing regime in the case of possible attempts of coup d’etat.

“The decision was made: we create new federal forces on the basis of Internal Troops. We create the National Guard, which will fight against terrorism, organized crime, and in close contact with the Ministry of Internal Affairs it will continue to perform functions earlier performed by riot police, SWAT units, and so on,” – Putin said.

Vladimir Putin announced creating of the National Guard on March 5. The troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation will be allowed to block territory to suppress the riots.