EU will offer visa-free regime for Ukraine despite the vote in Netherlands

Ukraine Netherlands

The European Commission will propose the abolition of visas with Ukraine despite the Dutch referendum. The question is to be scheduled for the vote of the EU members later this month.

This was reported by Reuters referring to a representative of the profile commission.

“It may look as if we are ignoring Dutch voters. But we must keep our word given to Ukraine, which has fulfilled all our conditions,” – the source of the agency said.

For the introduction of visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens, the proposal of the European Commission should be supported by the majority of the EU member states, and then by the European Parliament.

On April 6, a referendum was held in the Netherlands on the possible association of Ukraine with the EU. 64% of voters voted against it. However, the Dutch government is not obliged to take into account the results of the plebiscite, since the referendum is of a consultative nature. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister promised to “take it into account”.