Rostourism promised daily terrorist attacks in Turkey


Rostourism issued a warning for “independent” Russian tourists, asking them to avoid travelling to Turkey by their own.

An corresponding statement was made by the head of Rostourism (Russia’s Federal Tourism Agency – RRT) Oleg Safonov, explaining the recommendations to the tourists by security concerns.

In his statement, Safonov emphasized that one should not ignore the threat of terrorist attacks in Turkey, since “independent travelers must understand that the threat is real”. The Minister also stressed that “the attacks in Turkey will take place almost every day”.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova also said that her department does not recommend their citizens to travel to Turkey for the sake of their own safety.

Unfortunately, neither the Foreign Ministry, nor Rostourism did not publish the schedule of next terrorist attacks in Turkey, so Russian independent tourists are unable to choose the safest route.