“Direct line” with Putin was rehearsed beforehand


“Direct line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin was rehearsed in one of the boarding houses in Moscow suburbs.

This was reported by RBC on Wednesday, April 13.

According to the newspaper, a few hundred participants of the future meeting were gathered on Tuesday for the rehearsal and coaching.

As a result of “casting”, the organizers selected a few dozen people who will ask questions: either their own, or prepared in advance by the organizers. As some participants told reporters, the others were told that they will attend the meeting as crowd, and won’t be able to address Putin directly. Also, guests were instructed not to tell about the preparations for the “direct line”, not even to their closest relatives. They were also advised not to leave the pension prior to the event.

For the first time the event will be attended by high-ranking officials: governors and ministers. As a source close to organizers told reporters, their presence is necessary, so the president could solve problems, and respond to requests from the citizens right in the studio.

“In the current economic situation, when society’s confidence in political institutions falls, and ratings of the government, the prime minister, and the “United Russia” party fall as well, the president is thinking about elections in 2018. A direct line is a way to show himself as a ruler, family father, who will punish whoever needs to be, solve all problems, and give a good advice,” – said analyst Igor Bunin.

“Direct Line with Vladimir Putin” will be held on Thursday, April 14.

Source: DW