Russian fighter jets simulated an attack on US destroyer in the Baltic Sea


Russian military planes twice dangerously approached the USS destroyer “Donald Cook” in the Baltic Sea, said on Wednesday the US television channel CNN, citing sources in the Pentagon.

According to CNN source, the incident occurred on Tuesday, April 12th. Russian planes overflew twice the missile destroyer “Donald Cook”, located in the international waters of the Baltic Sea. A similar incident occurred in Sunday, April 10, but then the Russian aircraft flew “at a reasonable distance”.

The channel’s source described the aircrafts’ maneuver as “approach to attack with the strafing”. He acknowledged that there was no weapons aboard the aircrafts, but also said that the plane swooped over the deck of the destroyer, simulating an attack in its final stage.

According to another representative of the Pentagon, a Russian Su-24 bomber and a helicopter flew over the destroyer “Donald Cook”.

There is no official confirmation of this information yet. According to the TV channel, the Pentagon has not yet decided whether to publish photos and videos of this incident or not.

At the time of the incident, a Polish helicopter was on board of “Donald Cook”. It had to stop flying because of the dangerous proximity of Russian aircrafts. The US military circles do not rule out that this is the way the Russian Defense Ministry wanted to “send a signal to Poland”.