Turkish city came under missile attack from Syria


The Turkish city of Kilis came under missile attack from Syria.

As reported by agency Anadolu, according to preliminary reports 4 people were injured.

It was reported that 5 missiles fell on the territory of the Turkish province of Kilis.

According to the information received, the shells exploded at Inje street of the quarter Ataturk. One of them landed in the house.

The injured were taken to Kilis state hospital. Ambulances were went in the area of ​​the explosion.

It was also reported that the police took increased security measures. The windows of the nearby houses and nearby parked cars broke under the impact of the explosion.

According to Reuters, citing a source in the Turkish government, the Turkish army fired to the Syrian facilities in response.

On April 10, there was an explosion in the center of Istanbul, 3 people were injured.

Source: RBC.ua


Image: RBC.ua