Israel stops supplying components for Russian drones


In the recent past, Russian companies were actively trying to reach an agreement on joint activities with Israeli UAV manufacturers. However, after the checks carried out by the Israeli Defense Ministry, it became clear that all such agreements fall under the embargo.

As a result, negotiations were terminated by the Israeli side, and existing agreements were frozen.

Ultimately, as it was reported by the portal FlightGlobal, Russia loses the ability to produce drones.

The fact is that Russian military unmanned systems “Forpost”, presented at the exhibition “Army 2015” in June last year as “Russia’s product”, are in fact Israeli drones “Searcher II”, assembled from Israeli components in the Ural Factory of Civil Aviation. 

When the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu demanded that priority be given to the machinery produced by of Russian makers, they had to make a compromise, so the Kremlin and the command do not “remove the rose-colored glasses”.

The Israeli “Searcher II” was equipped with Russian GLONASS and Russian equipment for electronic intelligence. As a result, drones known as “Forpost” turned out to be worse and heavier than the original. However, they were able to perform fighting tasks.

Russia is no longer able to build new drones, since Russian military industry can not produce UAVs independently.

It should be noted that cooperation of Israeli companies with Russia in this area was criticized in Israel, especially after it became known that Russia used “Forposts” drones in Ukraine and Syria. A particular concern of Israelis was Syria, because that is where there is a real danger that the Israeli technology could fall into the hands of Hezbollah terrorists, who cooperate with Russian servicemen.



Image: Letagur (under CC BY-SA 3.0)