Lukashenko met with Erdogan in Istanbul


Alexander Lukashenko met in Istanbul with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Officially, the agenda was the revitalization of the Belarusian-Turkish relations, and a “reset on a number of specific areas, with a focus on trade and the economy”.

As reported by BELTA, Lukashenko and Erdogan also discussed prospects of increasing Turkish investments in Belarus, intensification of cooperation in the tourism sector, and increase of air traffic between the two countries. The Turkish leader confirmed the readiness to visit Belarus. Also, a meeting of the intergovernmental Belarusian-Turkish commission is scheduled for May.

As it was reported earlier, the Belarussian leader suddenly departed with an official visit to Istanbul in the morning of April 13. He spoke at the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Lukashenko received the invitation from Erdogan.




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