NATO and Ukraine will create joint Black Sea Fleet


During his visit to Romania, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made a statement about Ukraine’s readiness to participate in creation of the Black Sea fleet under NATO leadership.

This year there should be a discussion among NATO member countries on placing NATO ships in the Black Sea on a permanent basis. Currently, as we know, the ships of NATO member states regularly come into the Mediterranean Sea at the time of exercise, but not permanently.

This is due to the special status of the Black Sea, according to which only those countries that have direct access to the Black Sea can base there warships in it.

Meanwhile, the coastal location of such NATO members like Romania and Turkey gives the opportunity to place NATO’s fleet in the Black Sea without violating the status of the Black Sea.

In this case, Ukraine, which also has access to the Black Sea, has the right to provide services for basing and maintenance of NATO ships, and Ukrainian Navy can operate together with the NATO fleet in the framework of the relevant agreements.

Speaking in Romania, Poroshenko said that “security in the Black Sea has changed dramatically, and it requires new solutions, new approaches”.

As noted on the site of the press service of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko and the head of Romania Klaus Iohannis agreed that one of these new solutions should be creating of the NATO-led flotilla in the Black Sea.