First launch of Angara heavy carrier rocket postponed: it’s not ready


The first commercial launch of the carrier rocket “Angara” will be rescheduled. The reason is: the spacecraft is not ready. Previously, the launch was scheduled for 2017.

The rocket was supposed to launch Angosat-1 telecommunication satellite. The causes of failure were not disclosed.

The Russian side, in turn, assures its customers that the rocket launch will take place this year. However, according to experts, this is very unlikely.

According to a source, familiar with the situation, there are no issues with the unit that was produced by RSC “Energia”. The problem lies within the launch vehicle. Unavailability of Angara for the launch forces the specialists to turn towards using of another rocket – “Zenith”. It is stored at the Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan), and is designed to launch the “Spektr-RG” observatory next year.