NATO will send 4,000 troops to the border with Russia


NATO will send 4 battalions of soldiers to Poland and the Baltic states, where they will concentrate at the Russian border.

This information was received by Wall Street Journal.

According to verified data, the first two battalions will be sent by the United States. The remaining two battalions will come from West European NATO allies: Germany and the United Kingdom.

The decision to send the military in Eastern Europe was made because of high activity of the Russian army in the western direction. Thus, NATO is taking steps to protect its eastern borders.

The Russian side has repeatedly said that such US actions only further aggravate tensions in the region. NATO’s military activity near the Russian border is a manifestation of pressure on Moscow.

According to the source of the Wall Street Journal newspaper, the American side wants NATO’s “small allies” to contribute to the development of the Alliance. At the same time, the US officials place their hopes on Germany, which plays an important role in the deployment of additional troops on the eastern borders of NATO to deter Russia.