Cruise ship started from Miami to Cuba first time in 50 years


The cruise will now be performed once every 2 weeks.

The first cruise ship in half a century started from Miami (Florida, USA) to Cuba. The ship of the Carnival Corporation started its week-long way on Sunday, a representative of the company said.

There are Americans and Cubans among the passengers. According to the company, the cruise, which will be carried out every 2 weeks, “has historical significance”, and has a “very positive impact” on society in both countries.

Initially, the company did not want to take aboard Americans born in Cuba, because since the Cold War the laws of the Freedom Island has been prohibiting US citizens born in Cuba to arrive at it by sea (the rule is not applied to air travel). At the end of April it became known that Cuban authorities intend to abolish this law.

Carnival Corporation received an approval for the cruise in July 2015. The ship Adonia will perform the trip, accommodating 704 passengers. Ticket prices range from $2,000 to $7,500.



Image: Ivan T. (under CC BY-SA 3.0)