NATO convoy arrived in Moldova despite pro-Kremlin forces resistance


A convoy of American armored vehicles entered the territory of Moldova to participate in exercises Dragon Pioneer 2016.

As reported by Moldovan media OMEGA, the convoy contains more than 100 armored vehicles.

The passage was monitored by a special police unit, since several pro-Kremlin deputies of the Socialist Party, accompanied with the party activists, tried to prevent the passage of the convoy. According to “Bloknot Moldovy” (“Moldova’s Notepad” – RRT), the deputies of the Socialist Party, along with activists, met US military with posters and slogans “We don’t need NATO!”, and St. George’s ribbon on the chest. Deputy Vladimir Odnostalko stated that NATO soldiers allegedly have no permits to stay on the territory of Moldova.

At the same time, a group of supporters welcomed American troops at the border. They met the convoy with bouquets of flowers, flags of Moldova, the United States and NATO, and held posters “Welcome!”, “We need NATO!”, and “Moldova – to NATO!”

Dragon Pioneer exercises will be held in Moldova from May 3 to May 20. 165 Moldovan soldiers and 198 US military personnel will be involved.

The Defense Ministry of the country stated that the exercises are aimed at general training of engineering units, the refinement of joint action in the construction of defensive fortifications, passing obstacles, fording rivers, blasting operations, and increasing the level of interaction between the two armies.