Savchenko refused to sign her extradition to Ukraine


Nadiya Savchenko refused to sign documents for her extradition to Ukraine.

The reason for this was that the condition of extradition was her admitting the guilt, and the fairness of the sentence.

“I am outraged beyond the limit!” says the text, posted on her Facebook page. “They brought a set of documents for me to fill for the extradition to Ukraine. The questions I read there make me laugh. A question: ‘What was the purpose of you crossing the Russian border?’ Well, can you imagine such a question?! I answer: ‘I was kidnapped by Russian secret services.’ They write down my answer in free interpretation: ‘Illegally crossed the border.’ Uh, no! No, we don’t have a deal like that,” Savchenko said.

Also, Savchenko was surprised by the fact that for the extradition to Ukraine she has to go through another trial.

“They want to judge me so ‘clever’ that I admit all the things I did not do, and do not admit! They want to return me to Ukraine not as a hero, but as a criminal! While the criminals are them! And why do I have to dish on myself in favor of Russia?! Just because they threatened to kill me? So let them kill!.. I won’t sign any documents with these wordings!” Nadiya said.