SkyNews: Assad and ISIS are allies


Channel SkyNews has told of the leak of secret files of ISIS, showing that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the “Islamic State” are allies, and coordinate all their steps.

The real enemy of Assad is the so-called “moderate opposition”, while the ISIS’ mission is to ensure that by fighting the moderate opposition they distract it from the war with Assad, and constrain its actions.

In particular, during the recent “liberation of Palmyra”, a document between the ISIS and Assad was signed on the new split of the territories. The document listed the areas from which ISIS should withdraw heavy artillery and anti-aircraft weapons.

One of the defectors from the ISIS confirmed to SkyNews that the group is coordinating the movement of their troops with Syrian authorities.

Another document shows that ISIS received the information from Assad about upcoming bombing of Al-Qasr, and removed all the weapons and equipment from the bombing area. SkyNews sources claim that the evacuation was agreed on by Syrian authorities.

Other documents were about oil supplies from the ISIS to Assad.

SkyNews warns that it can not provide proof of authenticity of the documents. However, it stresses that the channel itself has no doubts of their authenticity. They were received from a highly reliable source.