SamSat-218 satellite launched from Vostochny won’t make contact


As TASS was told by a source in Russia’s space industry, the spacecraft of nano-class SamSat-218 that was launched into orbit during the first launch from Russia’s new spaceport Vostochny (“Eastern” – RRT), can not be contacted.

“We can’t establish a contact with the spacecraft since its launch, most likely it didn’t turn on after getting into orbit,” a spokesman said.

According to him, a joint meeting of representatives of the Samara State Aerospace University, and the Rocket and Space Center “Progress” will be held on Wednesday. The meeting will discuss the continuation of attempts to establish a contact with the satellite, or the recognition of its loss.

About the satellite

SamSat-218 (the former name – “Contact-Nanosatellite”) is the first student nano-satellite. It was created in the Samara State Aerospace University for testing control algorithms for devices of this class. It weights only 1.4 kg.

The spacecraft was launched into orbit on April 28 during the first launch from the Vostochny spaceport, together with “Aist-2D” and “Mikhailo Lomonosov” satellites.

Source: TASS


Image: Yuri Smityuk, TASS