Ukraine built “The Wall” at the border with Russia (photo)


State Border Service of Ukraine reported on the implementation of the project “The Wall” to strengthen the state border with Russia.

At the Goptovka checkpoint in the Kharkiv region, the first deputy head of the Border Service Basil Servatyuk on Wednesday showed reporters engineering structures, military equipment, and the capabilities of the “smart border” system that is used for protecting the structure.

The border was equipped with more than 230 km of anti-tank ditches, 45 km of controlled zone, 103 km of roads, and 75 km of fencing. Also, observation towers were installed, equipped with defended posts for personnel and protective facilities for passengers at checkpoints.




400 million hryvnia (approx. $16 million – RRT) were spend for building the structure in Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions in 2015. This year it is scheduled to start the work in the Luhansk region, additional 200 million hryvnia (approx. $8 million) are reserved for this.

Source: RBC