Georgia to Russia on exercises with NATO: Georgia is an independent country


Official Tbilisi has responded to Russia’s criticism on the joint exercises of Georgian army with NATO.

Officials of the republic said that Georgia is an independent country. This was reported by TASS on Saturday.

“We would like to directly notice that Georgia is an independent and sovereign state, which has the right to conduct any exercises on its territory. In addition, it is Georgia’s sovereign right to determine the partners in the military sphere and ways of interacting with them,” the Foreign Minister said.

At the same time, official Tbilisi said that “exercises are not directed against anyone”.

“With this kind of activities Georgia expands cooperation with its partners, which is important to enhance the country’s defense,” said in a statement the Foreign Ministry.

Noble Partner 2016 exercises will begin on May 11, and will last until May 24. 650 American and 150 British troops will take part in them. In the course of the maneuvers, American tanks Abrams M1A2 will be used for the first time, as well as the C-130 aircrafts of the US Army.