Pope called crimes of Stalinism genocide


In his speech today, Francis put the actions of the Soviet totalitarian regime on a par with extermination of Armenians, and the Holocaust.

This was reported by Deutsche Welle.

The Pontiff said that there were 3 “large-scale, unprecedented tragedies” in the last century, and the first of them, which has become “the first genocide of the XX century”, the Armenian people suffered.

According to him, for the other two unprecedented genocides of the XX century Nazism and Stalinism are to blame. They were followed by massacres in Cambodia, Rwanda, Burundi and Bosnia.

“Mankind is obviously unable to put a stop to the shedding of innocent blood,” the Pope said.

In late March, the Russian analytical agency “Levada Center” had a resonance survey about the person of Joseph Stalin. It was found that 45% of Russians believe that the victims among Soviet people during the Stalin era can be justified with the achieved results. 57% of respondents believe that Stalin can not be considered a criminal.

Source: rufabula.com