France started buying shale gas in USA


The first tanker with American shale gas will arrive in France this summer.

According to French media, the French energy group EDF Company signed a contract on 50 tankers.

It was noted that the gas will be delivered to the terminal port of Dunkirk in the north of France.

The cost of the long-term contract for the supply of several million cubic meters of gas was not disclosed. Currently, there is a ban on the development of shale natural resources in France.

American Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz in his interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkei said that American companies are beginning to actively supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe, Asia and South America. One of the largest gas companies in the US Cheniere Energy has established export of the “blue fuel”, and sent the first tankers to Portugal at the end of last month. Moniz has announced that the US is ready to become a key player in the global gas market.

The Wall Street Journal notes that shale boom has completely changed the US energy market. According to the forecasts for the next year, the USA will become a gas exporter.