USA started building military base in Poland


In the town of Redzikowo in the north of Poland the US started building an integrated missile defense system.

The official beginning of the construction is scheduled for May 13, but preliminary work is already in process. The US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work will come to the grand opening of the construction site.

It is planned that the base will start operating in 2018.

A maximum of 300 foot soldiers and civilians will serve at the base. The most important elements of the system (a radar and an SM-3 launcher) will be provides by the company AMEC Programs Inc., located in the state of Georgia (USA).

“This is Polish-American contribution to the missile defense system, related to a danger from outside the Alliance. First of all, we are talking about the Middle East,” said the US Ambassador to Poland Paul Jones.

The contract on the construction of the Polish base in Redzikowo was signed in February 2016. The contract value amounted to more than 182 million dollars.