NATO opened missile defense base in Romania


Jens Stoltenberg assured that NATO does not undermine Russia’s aspirations to the nuclear balance. He also denied allegations that the new missile defense site can shoot down Russian missiles.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured that the ballistic missile defense site (BMD), which started operating in Romania, is not aimed against Russia.

“NATO’s missile defense site does not undermine or weaken Russia’s aspirations to the nuclear balance,” said Stoltenberg on Thursday, May 12 in the Romanian city Deveselu at the opening of the missile defense site.

NATO chief also denied allegations that the missile defense system can shoot down Russian intercontinental missiles.

NATO started building the base in Romania in 2010, the cost is amounted to about $800 million. Negotiations on bringing Russia to the project have failed. In the first place, the US missile defense system is considered as a defense against Iranian medium-range missiles.

Earlier, Moscow has criticized the upcoming opening of the US missile defense systems in Romania, pointing out that it affects Russia’s national security. NATO‘s decision was called “harmful and wrong”.

Source: DW