American spy plane is spotted again near Russian border in Baltic Sea


An American strategic reconnaissance plane was spotted again near the border of the Russian Federation in the Baltic Sea.

As reported by Interfax referring to websites that track movements of military aircrafts, the American military plane took off from an air base in UK on May 10.

There was a marking RC-135W and the number 62-4131 at the aircraft’s board.

The aircraft with the call sign CAMUS47 carried out a mission in the southern part of the Baltic Sea at the altitude of 10,000 metres. As it was discovered by, it was to spend 2 hours near the Russian border, and the whole duration of the reconnaissance was 10 hours.

This was not the first time a US aircraft approached the Baltic borders of the Russian Federation in the last month.

Thus, a Russian fighter Su-27 intercepted an RC-135W plane of the US Air Force on May 9 near the Kaliningrad region. American reconnaissance plane carried out the mission with the transponder on, and was visible on radar.

Also, in late April, a Russian fighter had to meet an American reconnaissance plane RC-135U, and approached it at a distance of a few meters. As a warning, the missiles on the wings were demonstrated.

Source: Vesti.Ru