Former head of anti-doping lab: Leaders of Russia’s team took doping at Olympics in Sochi


The former head of the anti-doping laboratory in Moscow Grigory Rodchenkov said that dozens of Russian athletes at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, including at least 15 medalists, were part of a government doping program, planned for many years to ensure the domination at the Games.

Rodchenkov said that a special cocktail of three banned substances was developed, and athletes were taking it with alcohol. According to the former head of the anti-doping laboratory, the mixture was taken by skier Alexander Legkov, bobsledder Alexander Zubkov, skeletonist Alexander Tretyakov, and women’s hockey team. This cocktail was also used before the Olympics in London in 2012.

“People are celebrating Olympic champion winners, but we are sitting crazy and replacing their urine. We were fully equipped, knowledgeable, experienced and perfectly prepared for Sochi like never before. It was working like a Swiss watch. Can you imagine how Olympic sport is organized?” quotes The New York Times .

Urine samples in Sochi were replaced by pure samples taken previously. Rodchenkov was personally involved in replacing the samples. According to him, more than 100 samples have been replaced with clean ones. A list of athletes whose samples need to be substituted was sent to him on a daily basis.

Source: Gazeta.Ru