Ukrainian foundation of aerial reconnaissance threw 3000 pro-Ukrainian leaflets in occupied Donetsk


On May 9, the foundation Sestri Peremohy (“Sisters of Victory” – RRT) dropped patriotic leaflets from the sky to the parade in the occupied Donetsk.

Leaflets “Donetsk is Ukraine!”, “We beat the fascists – we will beat the russists!”, “Let’s return Ukrainian Donetsk – a hard-working city!”, “Zakharchenko is a thief!” and others were spread over the city’s central square, and on the platform, where at that time were the heads of the terrorist organizations DPR and LPR Zakharchenko, Plotnitskiy, and others.

In response, gunmen opened fire on drones with automatic weapons, machine guns, and anti-aircraft weapons.

“All the forces and means of the Russian invaders have been involved in the parade, and our birds delivered mail from the mainland!” said in a statement.

In general, over 3,000 pro-Ukrainian leaflets were dropped on the city. Drones made 3 flights, and covered the territory of more than 2,500 square kilometres.

In addition, volunteers have established the location of enemy’s machinery, manpower, and engineering structures.

“On behalf of Ukraine we said “hello” to all the traitors and mercenaries. We also want to remind that the Donetsk, Luhansk have always been, and remain Ukrainian, and we will do our best to bring them back.”

Source: NV