Obama said that sanctions against Russia need to be extended


According to Reuters, at a meeting with the leaders of Scandinavian countries the US President Barack Obama said about the need to extend sanctions against Russia.

The heads of Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Finland agreed with Obama on the need to extend the sanctions against Russia. Obama said that the leaders of the Scandinavian countries have expressed their concern about the “aggressive military presence” of Russia in the Northern European region.

In March, Obama extended sanctions against Russia, imposed in March 2014, for one year. Thus, the sanctions have been extended until March 6, 2017. The sanctions were extended due to the actions of Russia, which “undermine democratic processes in Ukraine, violate its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

On March 6, 2014, Obama signed a decree on imposing sanctions on Russia because of the situation in Ukraine. Among the reasons for sanctions, the annexation of Crimea is specified, and the use of Russian military forces on the territory of Ukraine, as well as “prolonged disruption of the democratic process” in Ukraine.

Source: tvrain.ru