In Chechnya a house was burned down after the owner addressed Putin with a complaint against Kadyrov


In Chechnya, unidentified men in masks burned down a house of a local resident Ramadan Dzhalaldinov, who dared to record a video message to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin with a complaint about the authorities of the Chechen Republic (Russia).

According to Dzhalaldinov, in the middle of the night men in masks came to his house, and said they came to save them.

“They put me and my 3 daughters in the car, and then left us under the bridge. The house was set on fire. Residents of the village were forbidden to talk about it, threatened with putting their houses on fire too,” the victim said.

In his video message to the President, Dzhalaldinov complained about the delay in salaries to local teachers, and also demonstrated numerous destructions in the village. Behind the scenes, he said that the village Kenhi where he lives is in a poor state after the war and flood.