Russia’s secret services were sending militants to ISIS


Reuters published evidence that Russian secret services provided Islamists with forged documents and sent them to Syria.

In particular, an interview with one of the fighters of the Islamic State Saadu Sharapudinov was published, who described how Russian secret services sent him to fight in Syria. According to Saadu, he was a member of an armed Islamic group in the Caucasus when he was contacted by representatives of Russian special services, and was told that they would not prevent him from leaving Russia, and will not pursue him if he would agree to go to Syria.

The proposal was given to Sharapudinov’s family through an official of local administration. According to Reuters, it was able to contact with the official in Dagestan, and he confirmed this information.

After Saadu agreed, he was given a new name on the documents and tickets to Istanbul, where he crossed into Syria.

SAADUSHARAPUDINOV_20160428_123307_047 (1)

As it is said in Reuters’ statement, he is aware of at least 6 of such stories. There is also evidence that the practice of sending Islamists to Syria was very common before winter Olympics in Sochi. By making such deals with militants, Russian authorities were aiming at reducing the risk of terrorist attacks during the Olympics.

According to Reuters, the result of that is the fact that Russian language is now the third most spoken language in territory controlled by the ISIS.



Image: Reuters