USA plans to temporarily deploy Patriot missiles in Sweden


The commander of US forces in Europe Fredrik Ben Hodges said in an interview with Swedish television channel TV4 that is planned to temporary deploy American anti-aircraft missile complexes Patriot in Sweden in the next two years.

It is a large-scale exercise on the instantaneous movement of modern American air defense systems back and forth from American bases in Europe to Sweden. According to Ben Hodges, this way Sweden might get weapons to protect its airspace it misses these days. It will also be a clear message for Russia that the US and NATO are going to protect the air borders of the Baltic Sea region. The commander did not specify for how long during these 2 years anti-aircraft missiles will stay in Sweden.

Recently, a bill was published in Sweden, that as host country, Sweden is committed to providing its territory for military exercises of the Alliance. If the law will be voted in the Riksdag, it can come into force starting from July 1 this year.

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As it was noted by the correspondent of Radio Svoboda (Radio Liberty – RRT) Olga Makse, Sweden still keeps to the policy of non-alignment with military alliances, and the parliamentary majority does not support the idea of ​​Sweden joining NATO.