China declared readiness to invest $46 billion in the Silk Road


Ukraine, together with 20 other countries, will join the Association for Promotion of Economic Cooperation “Silk Road”, created by China, that has already allocated about 300 billion yuan for it (or about $46 billion).

This was announced by the executive vice chairman and secretary general of the Chinese Federation of Industrialists Xiong Meng at a briefing in the framework of the investment session of the Kiev Economic Forum “Ukraine-China: New Silk Road”.

“This association will be established officially, and the opening ceremony will be in Beijing in June this year. Thus, we will be able to deepen our cooperation,” Meng said.

According to him, China is ready to allocate a significant amount of money for this project: 300 billion yuan.

Meng said that the website “One train – one way” has already been created, and it hosts all the information about the participants, enterprises, and possible joint projects from 21 countries participating. This website will help establish a dialogue between the two countries, and to solve economic and political problems. It is also planned to carry out research, conferences and project presentations in order to share experience between the participants.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine got an almost 30% discount for the transportation of containers through the “Silk Road“.